We are a Venture Builder

Together we solve real world problems by creating value-added digital
ventures and challenging the status quo.

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Together we have a MISSION

We are a team of like-minded individuals, with one intention, to develop and prepare for a digital startup age.

What we do

We build digital companies that focus on adding value to the society.

We understand mobile and web development, digital and performance marketing, and design. We look for doers who can answer the hows and the whys, be the movers and are able to operate the business on their own eventually.

Ideas are OK, but prefer people who can bring actual projects to life.

We DESIGN your brand

Ideas are placed into context through designs to connect with the audience. From branding, UI/UX mockups, till user friendly design.

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We DEVELOP your digital product

We are a team of software developers. Start with problems, coming out the solution that will solve "universal" world problems for our future.

We MARKET your solution

We consult on your marketing strategies and execute campaigns for your products, solutions or ideas.

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We LAUNCH and grow

A successful product launch can be achieved by a well-planned Go-To Market plan and launch strategy. Here we are to help.

We FUND your startup

We are investing "Digital Transformation" DNA into your startup idea, product or business. If you are looking to co-invest with us, we will be happy to hear from you.

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We look for TALENTS like you

We are looking for individuals or teams willing to start companies and commit, with or without an idea.

We look for potential CEOs, CMOs, or COOs who are comfortable with challenges and risks of a startup, and can demonstrate how you can make things happen.

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