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We create a functional mobile solution that captures data and assist you to draw new insights and opportunities from it.

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Ant Internet is a new age app development company and business mobilization consultancy. We work together with startup and enterprise companies to build mobile solution that value your business
data and insight.

We turns your mobilize ideas into digital reality.

What We DoDeveloping Result-Driven Business Mobilization Solution



We leverage the experience in mobile application development to build “available on your devices” business solution.



Our extensive UI/UX team build experience that win users’ confidence and create interface that last long brand recognition.


Real Data

While the world talk about big data, but REAL data is what your business need. As such, we create system to collect and manage your business internal and external data to assist you discover opportunities and making important decisions.

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Ready-made Apps

We have built many apps and module with full functional features. It will be efficient and cost-effective by direct implement to your business.

The best? Tests have proved it’s works!

Custom System

Transform your idea into a functional system. Enterprise-grade app and system development process to create digital products that are design to fit your business needs.

Customize solution build for your idea.


Make One-Off Solution

Make One-Off Solution

Not every freelancer cares about your project's quality but Ant Internet DOES. We aim to deliver apps that will meet your business needs in one go.


Make UI / UX Driven

Make UI / UX Driven

We create compelling and impactful experiences across all apps by bringing great ideas to life through a blend of strategy and multi-disciplinary design.​


Make Real Data Valued

Make Real Data Valued

Big data is too huge and maybe irrelevant BUT real data is realistic and important. We transform your business information pieces into valuable real data that is useful to your company. It will let you know your business and create a competitive edge. ​​

We have implemented amazing digital initiatives for brands across many industries.

We work with some great clients.

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