CompanyNewsJuly 2, 2019by antinternet_adminMalaysia International Business Awards (MIBA)


The prestigious 4th edition of Selangor Excellence Business Awards (SEBA) together with the Malaysia International Business Awards (MIBA) was held at Shah Alam Convention Centre (SACC) on 14 December 2017. This much-anticipated event was organized by Dewan Perniagaan Melayu Malaysia Selangor (DPMMS). ​ ​

This event is to recognize the achievements of the country’s leading business visionaries across all industry sectors and to honor their great contributors towards the country’s economic development. The award ceremony also aimed to encourage those business determination to stay competitive not only locally but also to maintain and challenge globally. ​

The event was attended by 300 industries’ players from various business backgrounds included entrepreneurs, corporate leader,s and outstanding businessman who have excelled in their respective arenas. And proudly announce, Ant-Internet was one of the corporates who acknowledged by MIBA 2017 and awarded the “Excellence in Digital Marketing & Tech Development”.

The CEO of Ant-Internet, Leonardo Yee as the representative to receive this glamorous honor.  

​This recognition is another milestone as well as the beginning of an exciting new journey for every one of us in Ant-Internet. ​