Who should work with a Venture Builder?

If you are wondering what is Venture Builder, here is the difference between Venture Builder and a Venture Capital.


Generally, if you find yourself fit to the following, a Venture Builder might be something for you.


1. You are keen to be an entrepreneur, but do not want to go through the process of hiring and managing people. Venture builders do that at early stage.


2. You are motivated to start as a CEO, CTO or CMO. Venture builders do not want to be involved in the day to day operations, marketing and management of the business eventually. Hence, you have to be equally hands-on the venture from day 1 alongside Venture Builder.


3. Accelerate your growth, marketing efforts and appreciate mentorship.


4. You do not want to commit to renting an office or workplace. 


5. Expect to be pushed to the limit and equipped to run the business on your own after 6 months.


6. Willingness to reduce your equity share more than Venture Capital model. Venture Builder takes bigger stake in your company compared to Venture Capital. That is the price you pay for the resources and that much less of risk you take.


7. Willing to commit to training programmes hosted by Venture Builder, if any, and to implement recommended steps and advice.


8. Venture Capital model might end you up without a fund before even getting to launch your first product. Venture Builder route is less risky, plus you might draw a salary too whilst building your own company.


More about Venture Builder, hear from the founder of Ant Internet!


Written by Bart

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