User Management Solution

Bring your community together with a simple and integrated membership database

A well-designed membership system assist business to boost member engagement, improve retention and most importantly drive business growth. Most of the successful business including Fortune 500 companies possess their own membership system to increase customer loyalty.

In Ant-Internet, we not just create membership management system but a powerful online community platform that allows you to build, manage and engage with your community.​

Our Solution

Multi-level Marketing System (MLM)


All compensation plans, calculations and navigations are customize based on your business need.

Replicating Website

Simple interface to create and manage replicated website for member to recruit downline effectively​.

Reporting System

Access and monitor sales transactions details through back-office to manage the growth of the business.


Our solution able to integrate with multi-platform to allow user access into it at anytime and anywhere.

Strong Back-up System

Allow to store information in real time, retrieve data and restore information in a secure environment.

Genealogy Tree

Genealogy view of the network to visualize members’ position to assist in team composition.​ mainly focus on Multi-level Marketing System, Structure and Module.VISIT WEBSITE
Our Solution

Membership Management System

Customizable User Field

Custom fields for gathering extra data about your users according to your business need.​

Electronic Documentation

Accurate access and quick retrieve to user information which keep safely.

Admin Panel

Advanced admin panel enable to view, search and sort new and existing users.

Error Log System

Error Log is configured to track system issues, bug and hacker so we can fix it immediately.​

Our Solution

Visitor Management System

Visitor Log

System admins able to monitor visitor activities includes visitor check-in and check-out time together with visitor details.

Visit Notification

Resident will receive a friendly notification when the visitor checked-in and checked out.

Precise Data Collected

Integrated Smart Scanner to increase the accuracy of visitor information collection via scanning the identification document.

Advanced Visitor Registration

Pre-register before visitor arrival to skip the long waiting registration procedure at guardhouse.

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