Our Investment Approach

We co-operate with businesses which aimed to bring ideal to life and lead to better society through their efforts. We look for long term relationship and always keep an eye on to ensure our investments are successful to build better life to everyone around us.


Starline Capital Holdings Sdn Bhd

One of our investment partner is Starline Capital Holdings Sdn Bhd. Together we build projects which includes Starline Productions Sdn Bhd and the biggest scale of Musang King Durian Plantation located in Malaysia.

Project Musang King began in year 2010, where 1300 acres of land have fully developed and commercialized for durian plantation in 2016, 943 acres of land are fully planted with durian and 357 acres are reserved for logistic and infrastructure. In total we have 33,005 durian trees with 25 years contract, it consisted of 80% of Musang King, which is the origins from Gua Musang, 20% of Black thorn D24 and other variances.​ ​

After complete the solutions from plantation and arrangement to the distribution of channels, the best quality preserved durian is ready to export to China. It’s only 2 harvests in a year, with the surging of demand from China market, the price has been increasing due to the under supply of durians.


NIMI Holdings Sdn Bhd

In Ant-Internet, we believe education is a fundamental right for everyone and key to the future of any country. And thus, we have invested in NIMI Holdings Sdn Bhd to bring Japan brain training and development school for children into Malaysia. The project objective is to share an opportunity with every parent to unleash their child’s true potential through an excellent brain enrichment program.​

With proud, our investment partner has continued growth and collaborate with ​ Japan’s most successful publisher SHUFUNOTOMO & Littleland to further introduce the famous Kubota Method into Malaysia & Singapore market. Kubota Method is a Children Education Center based on the latest brain science research and with 30 years of child brain training. It develop 0-year-old education which is totally breakthrough current market understanding on pre-school education.​

The new collaboration excited both Ant-Internet and NIMI Holdings Sdn Bhd as it create an opportunity to cultivate talents that make Malaysia into a better society.