O2O Solution

Integrate your business through online and offline to stay ahead of the curve

A well-designed O2O solution helps to narrow the gap between your business with your customers and uncover new market opportunities to preserve the existing competitive advantage and support standardized rapid expansion.

In Ant-Internet, we develop centralized and integrated O2O solution based on your business need. We aim to improve your customer experience and dramatic rise in revenue both online and offline.

O2O - Ecommerce

Does your business have an ECOMMERCE store ready?

Venture into ecommerce not only business expansion but wider audiences can be served with minimal cost increase and importantly, business will be able to cross geographically.

We understand that integration of real and virtual customers is the key to the latest retailing operation.

Hence, no matter B2B or B2C business, we develop a convertible ecommerce store with well-categorized product catalogues and personalized product listing to improve customer experience.

O2O - Customer

Does your business facing difficulty to connect online and offline CUSTOMER?

Today’s shoppers don’t limit themselves to only one retail channel, they might research products online and buying them offline or examining products in offline stores and purchasing them online. Therefore, it’s important to integrate customer data across online touchpoints and offline retail stores for monitoring and analysis.

To assist business on getting a complete picture of their customers’ behavior and customer experience both online and offline, our solution integrate customers’ action across channel through establishing a unified management platform with detailed user analytic.

For instance, F&B and fashion industry utilize online membership system to understand their customer buying behaviour and design personalized message as well as promotion for specific customer group..

O2O - Market Opportunities

Does your business facing challenges to uncover new market opportunities?

Many traditional business are afraid to enter online market due to resources, security issues and so on. However, undeniable going online is the next big thing.

By making your business online, you get to reach a wider market which not only in your local community but in any other countries with 24 hours operating hour.

For traditional business to uncover new market opportunities and go online without fear, our experienced team not only develop secure online system but also provide full range of online marketing and creative design which meet the competitive market. Most importantly our dedicated support team is always ready to walk hand-in-hand with you on the journey.

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Why O2O is important to your business?

Accuracy & Efficiency

O2O enhance the efficiency of sales and integrated database improve the accuracy of marketing.​

Customer Loyalty

Simplify shopping process and personalized customer experience build customer loyalty to your brand.

Revenue Growth

With a better reputation and long-lasting customer relation eventually increase sales significantly.​

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