Membership Management Solution

Bring your community together with a simple and integrated membership database

Members are one of the most valuable assets to any type of businesses. Insufficient of membership system will cause high management costs which impact on member value, retention and sign-up rates. We understand that a well-designed membership management system are crucial to your business.

In Ant-Internet, we are not only creating membership management system but a powerful online community platform that provides you to build, manage and engage with your community.

What we offer

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)


We listen and customize MLM Compensation Plan based on your business need. We tailor your MLM Plans, Calculations, Navigations, Lead Capture Pages and Replication Pages.​

Replicating Website

Each member will get their own website to promote business more effectively, while you can easily manage your replicated website using a simple interface.​

Reporting System

Business Admins able to monitor sales and all member transactions through the back-office. We provide concise date format and allow export data to Excel or PDF.​

Multi-Platform Solution

Your members may visit the system through different platform, and we ready a solution that able to integrate with multi-platform and yet user friendly for users.

Strong Back-up System

We provide cloud backup solution for the system. It allows you to store information in real time, retrieve data when needed and restore the information into previous stage without losing any data.

Genealogy Tree

Our system representation of the members in the form of a tree. Visual genealogy for the member and admin helps to identify the network growth and helps to plan succession.​ mainly focus on Multi-level Marketing System, Structure and Module.


User Management System

Customizable User Details

Customize user details option according to your business need and collect useful information.​

Cloud-based Storage/Unlimited User Data

Huge cloud spaces are provided to enable accessibility via internet anywhere and always back up your important user data.​

Error Log System

Our team are always ready to support and fix your system error. Error Log helps to track issues and we stand by to resolve errors and bugs in a more effective way.​

Paperless Record

Quick and accurate access to your records and user information without printing, quick document retrieval may help avoid time costs.​

Visitor Management System

Advanced Visitor Registration

The system allows to pre-registered before arrival and so the visitors could skip the long waiting registration procedure at guardhouse.

Precise Data Collected

Integrated Smart Scanner to increase the accuracy of visitor information collected via scanning the identification document

Visit Notification

Send residence a friendly reminder when your visitor arrived for check in and at check out.​

Visitor Log

System admins able to view and monitor visitor activities includes visitor check-in and check-out time with visitor details.

Referral & Reward System

We customized suitable referral & reward system for your business, to motivate customers refer your business to their friends.

Points-based System

Allows your customers gather points when referring a friend or purchasing your products. Set up your special offer now to reward and gain new customers.


Reach and stay connect with your potential customer through mobile focused e-voucher system , reach them efficiently with multiple distribution channel, to increase new customers, customer loyalty and sales.​

Promo Code

Provide customers an easy to remember, calculate and apply code, to attract new business, enticing customer and re-engage with existing customers.​

Affiliate Program

To support and promote your brand, products or services with performance-based marketing model

Affiliate Banner

Using banner as an advertisement on you and your affiliate’s website can introduce strong visual aspect to your marketing. We provide banner to convey information and draw attention to your products more effectively than text-based ads, it helps increase exposure in a faster way.​

Affiliate Link

We customize affiliate links to support your affiliate program, to link your products through individual affiliate link. This makes the process easier for your affiliate and able to track sale-source before you make payment for the commission.​

Coupon Code

Most of the affiliate program goes with discount code as discount coupon codes are one of the best way to promote your product. We customized easy-to-use coupon codes for your promotion events to help encourage sales.​

Newsletter Updates

Always make your affiliate get updated with your latest promotion news by newsletter updates, enable them to work on it at the first start. Newsletter updates not only helps to promote your products, it is also a way to increase new clients and business.​

Flexible Integration

We’re flexible. ​
We features integrations with a range of major CRM and POS tools to ensure seamless connectivity between your existing business application. And thus, eliminate the scruples of handling existing system while upgrade your business with our membership management solution

Improve Data Accuracy

It reducing the need to duplicate data entry in your existing systems and new system to vastly reduce the probability of human error.​ ​

Low Implementation Cost

It’s an upgrade of your business process by implement our system without abandon your existing CRM or POS tools.

Tech Support

We believe managing membership system is complicated enough, so we work out to provide professional technical support both onsite and offsite to cover you whenever the need arises.

When you are using our membership management solution, our dedicated support team are stand by to help with just a phone call away, meaning that the issues arises are solved as quickly as possible.

Our goal is to provide a level of service that allows you to be at ease and only focus on your business.

Our Projects

When words mean nothing, Our portfolio speak for us​. Check out our previous project on booking and ticketing solution​

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