IoT Environmental Monitoring Solution

Let you monitor environmental live conditions in each room or zone of your infrastructure

Environmental monitoring applications are essential for generating information about the quality of the environment around us to assist in decision making.

Our wireless, IoT environmental monitoring solution measure air quality, temperature, humidity and more in each, so you can:

Access live data to get an instant view of ambient conditions of your business infrastructure.

Monitor conditions to understand the most efficient ways to allocate resources.

Automate to provide and maintain a comfortable environment.

How our environmental monitoring sensors work

Our small, unobtrusive environmental sensors measure CO2, temperature, relative humidity, and other environmental statistics. They’re wireless and use very little energy, making them easy to install and maintain.

Data is sent wirelessly and securely from our hardware transmitter to receivers and will be logged in the database. This will allow you to monitor and receive notification through our mobile application or web portal in real-time. It can also be used to automate local control systems or feed directly into an existing system.

We Provide

Our Data Logger

Data Collection System

A user-friendly, wireless system developed to collects data from a large variety of sensors used for monitoring, alarming, reporting and control. We designed an effective way of managing and protecting these valuable data through the mobile application.

Collect data from everything

Easily connect and pull data from multiple IoT sensors and devices through LoRa technology.

Collect data from everywhere

Our highly scalable, distributed architecture provides real-time data collection across locations and facilities.

Turn data into information

Automated data collection, time synchronization and the ability to combine data into useful metrics.

Just in time delivery

people at the right time using our integrated report distribution and role delegation function.

Process and React

Define data processing rule chains. Customize rules to raise alarms based on your business needs.

Your phone, Your dashboard to all your parameters.

Our wireless monitoring solution transmits real-time data to the server, where the data is automatically stored. With our monitoring app, you can monitor your sensors’ reading simultaneously and view customized graph with different parameters that can be configured easily.

Continuous monitoring combined with a user-friendly online platform makes our monitoring app the ideal tool to access your data from any device.

Unique features include :

  • Fully configurable alarms
  • Push notification
  • Dashboard view
  • Automatic periodic reports
  • Unlimited number of users with configurable authorizations
HardwareHardware Monitoring DevicesOur environmental monitoring solutions have been designed to assist with protecting and preserving what matters most to our clients.

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