E-commerce & O2O

Integrate your business online and offline to make transactions in both ways

E-commerce plays a very important role in online business, it breaks geographical limitations as people nowadays tend to shop online all over the world and purchase directly online. E-commerce helps businesses to remain open 24/7 for their customer and simply gain new customers with search engine at the same time. The utmost importance, it cut costs!

O2O is also known as “trillion dollars opportunity”, a strategy that bring customers from online to offline real-world store. The most important benefit that O2O brings out to businesses is to build brand reputation. It enhances customer’s loyalty and increase business revenue. We build database for customer’s information to improve customer engagement strategy to increase customer experience and sees dramatic rises in revenue both short term and long term through O2O.​ ​

Product Catalogue Management

We personalized your products into well-categorized catalogue that fits your business model include B2B and B2C. We attach importance to your website user experience and interface as it is a direct impact to your sales figure.​

Featured Works

We Give Extra Advantages

Seasonal Promotion

Our solution provide you with easiest way to customize promotion options for the promotion activities, including date range, product mix & match, coupon and other promotion techniques.​

Rate & Review

Actual Buyer Review

Only actual buyer able to leave their ratings and reviews, to let other customers take as reference before purchase, and collect feedback to help you understand customer’s needs.​

Automated Content Checking System

The automated content checking system helps to filter message from customer’s review, avoid not suitable keywords appearing on the rate & review site through your custom setting.​

Delivery & Shipping

Live Tracking

Through our live tracking system, customers able to check the delivery status anytime through your website. The system provide estimated time of delivery date to each customers.

Flexible Pricing System

Flexible shipping price depending on customer’s order is one of the powerful strategy in this industry. Online customers tend to purchase from one retailer than another because of the delivery options are more appealing​.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Friendly

SEO plays a very important role when you own an eCommerce website as it helps to increase traffic, engagement and conversions. In addition, it build trust and credibility to your business.

We assist your eCommerce website to become a SEO Friendly website by building a clear, well-organized structure, so it is easy for search engine to crawl and understand what is all about.​ ​

Flexible Integrations

CRM Tool

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool can be your greatest asset. It helps to register your leads & contact, tracking and remain customer data. Focus on your customer is the fastest way to increase sales and profit.​

E-mail Marketing

Stay connected with your leads and act as a reminder from time to time to your brand through email marketing.​

Accounting & Finance Software

Standardize your procedures for recording transactions and disseminating financial information, to enhance your speed, accuracy and efficiency while processing.​

Secure Payment

Plenty of Payment Methods

Products can be sold to customers all around the world and pay via their usual payment methods including FPX, Credit Card, Online Banking, PayPal and more.​

Payment Security

The payment process is secured with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). ​We aim to provide a secure connection by establishing an encrypted link between your customers and business.​

Reliable Payment Method

We work to create a guaranteed smooth payment process to reduce user from stuck at the middle of purchase or give up the purchase process.​

Tech Support

We believe managing membership system is complicated enough, so we work out to provide professional technical support both onsite and offsite to cover you whenever the need arises.

When you are using our membership management solution, our dedicated support team are stand by to help with just a phone call away, meaning that the issues arises are solved as quickly as possible.

Our goal is to provide a level of service that allows you to be at ease and only focus on your business.

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