Real Data Management

Allows your businesses to leverage the collected data from users to propel growth.

Using powerful technologies, we develop data-driven mobile applications and solutions for iOS, Android, web, and other platforms. We carefully define the technology stack to deliver solutions that are valued data and match your business and your clients.

What is Real Data?

Real Data vs Big Data

While big data has become a buzzword in the tech industry, Ant-Internet uses it illuminates what small businesses can do to better develop their business. After undergoes lots of discussions with our business partners and clients, we found REAL DATA is more essential and valued to small-to-medium business.

Real Data

  • Collect from your business​
  • Direct relevant to your business
  • Live update and on the spot
  • Crucial guide on decision making
  • Direct from company system and able to process as per business need

Big Data

  • Secondary from market
  • May or may not relevant
  • Market periodically update
  • Act as reference
  • Huge on information size and difficult to process

Our Projects

The concept of data and its importance has changed how most of the big companies do business but the small-to-medium business has a lack of technology to gain a competitive advantage in the huge data market.

At Ant-Internet, we come out with new, innovative, and cost-effective technologies solutions that constantly emerging and improving which makes it incredibly easy for any organization to seamlessly implement real data solutions.

We create systems that mobilize your business process and create your business data advantage right from the internal operation, business process and external operation. The way we help business on capture, analyze, and use data with our IT ability will let you discover how real data become valuable to your business.

Why Real Data?

Real Data Change Your Business Future

We know how much data value to your business.

Empower you to make better decision

Data analytics acts as a trusted advisor for your business strategic planning. It guides you on decision making and validates your decisions. Collecting, monitoring, and tracking business data will allow you to know your business.

Identify trends and opportunities

Discover hidden opportunities that were unknown to business before the ability to review sets of data. By analyzing data will allow a business to discover opportunities to develop new products or enhance existing ones to gain competitive advantages.

Know your customers behavior

Like it or not, the companies you do business with know a lot about you — and the quantity and diversity of what they know about you are increasing every year. The same goes for your company, by collecting operational business data, you will get better insights into what customers want, what they will use, what channels they use to buy, and so on.


Big data has the potential to improve internal efficiencies and operations through robotic process automation. With the implementation of IT infrastructure and integration of analyzed data, automating business process is within reach.

How To Use Real Data?

How to Harness the Power of Data

Over 40% of large organizations have invested in big data strategies since 2012 and most of the SME businesses are missing the boat because of endless possible data points to manage and cause overwhelming to know where to begin.

Let’s look into the following checkpoints where Ant-Internet achieved to assist your business in implementing a data solution!

Experienced data management team

A team of experts in technology, data management, and strategy to help build an ideal mobilization solution with a real data approach that results in positive returns for the company.

Ability to digitalize and mobilize business

Pen and paper way of doing business is a die out way in the market due to difficulty in collecting, storage and analyze data. The business require to have ability to foresee potential of business mobilization and apply it effectively to win competitive advantage.

Identify end goal

“Begin with the end in mind” is our way of doing things. We know having the right objectives is crucial for successfully implementing a real data solution and thus we value mutual goal before every project start.

Capture Right Data

We learning and understanding your business to create a precise system that able to identify, capture, and track the right data. Right data is the backbone of the entire real data process.

Ready to take your business to the next level?

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