Company Management Solution

Your business is important and worth to grasp every internal data in one handheld device.

Great office starts with great employees. And because everyone is busy, all the critical information should be available in one place.

In Ant-Internet, we develop an interactive company management solution that integrates most of the business management functions in a handheld device. The system aims to centralize your business internal data and build an automation management process.

Our Solution

HR Management System

Reward System

Encourage your employees with reward points as recognition on their efforts


Just one tap to engage with your team. No more papers and tacks needed!


Never miss the important date! A clear and integral showcase for all holidays and events!

Employee Feedback

Generate healthy communication with employees and get a new perspective for future improvements!

Ranking List

Create a long-lasting & positive competitive workplace culture by recognizing good performance staff!

Leave Management

No more complicated leave application process. All types of leave are accurately tracked and readily accessible through mobile.

Our Solution

Process Management System

Work Order Management

Organize, assign, approved, prioritize, track, and complete key tasks effectively and under control.

Task Assignment

Create staff accounts and assign them to the relevant tasks. Thus, you can get an update from the accountable person.

Process Status Report

Track process status and performance using the dashboard. Track the completion rate of all the tasks through the staff’s report.

Inventory Management

Know what you have and how much you have to orecast needs & resources. Optimize your inventory level to smooth the process.

Maintenance Checklist

Organize equipment maintenance requests and assign maintenance activities to your team, then the right people will be updated progress.

Document Management

When all the files are in one place, you don’t have to search everywhere to find what you want or send documents to your staff repetitively.

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