Best Day and Time of the Week to send Email

What is the best day and time of the week to send email broadcast? The objective for the question is obvious, and it is to improve the open rates (which in turn leads to clicks and conversions). Even though your offer is a hot piece of cake, no one will know it until they open your email, or click on your offers.


According to data from Getresponse23.8% of emails are opened within the first hour after being delivered.


Here’s the bad news: your email has less than a 1% chance of being opened after 24 hours.


Therefore, it is important to do it right. Question is, how? It is true that there is no easy answer. If someone tells you a one-rule-fits-all advice like this:-


“Tuesday 10am is the best time to send emails!”


Can you trust it?


(You are supposed to say no)


Unless, he or she understands your audience list.


What is the Best Day and Time of the Week to Send Email?


To answer that, first, what are the 2 most important elements to consider for an effective email open rates and readership.


Your choice of email marketing service provider?  No…

Your email template? Ermm.. maybe a little.

The length of your email copy? Maybe yes, but not the most important… 


Consider your Email Subscribers…behind the email addresses, they are humans, with needs.


  • What is the trigger factor for your subscribers? You got to know your list. The common interest.


  • What are their age group? Which generation are you going to communicate with?


  • Are your subscribers tech-savvy, wakes early, or perhaps sleep late?


  • Any common patterns of how their daily schedule will look like i.e. profession?


  • Are you sending emails to top executives who starts the day early? Or are you sending emails to stay-at-home moms, college kids, and small business owners?


Top executives like Tim Cook reportedly read their emails as early as 3:45 am! Sending an email to this crowd at 2:00 am may help you beat the rush.


Although new moms and college kids might also be up at this time, it is most likely not the ideal time to read emails.


According to Smart Insights, B2B emails sent to entrepreneurs or workaholics on weekends seems to fetch highest open rates. 


But B2B emails to normal 9-5 office workers perform poorly during the weekends as workers are used to a fixed work-life schedule, and are less engaged on weekend.


B2C emails in this research, on the other hand, showed success when they were delivered on Friday, Monday, Sunday, and Saturday (but their open rates didn’t differ by much). 


Loews executive Jonathan M. Tisch says never starts an email with ‘I’ . It shows that you care more of yourself than your audience.


Even though we are sending to a mass email list, essentially we are communicating with ONE person (every subscriber open your email at different times).


Therefore, we have to consider every possible factors that could distract your subscriber from reading your email completely. With that in mind, come the second important element.


What is The One Objective of your Email Copy?


Are you trying to educate your subscribers about a new post?


Or are you requesting your subscribers to opt-in to a seminar or course?


Does it require any action, or clicks on links?


Educational Emails

Smart Insights shows us that informative and educational emails should be sent during the beginning of the week for optimal results.


The idea here is that subscribers are looking for help and are motivated earlier rather than later on in the week.



So an email for educational content should perform better on Tuesday than one sent Saturday, for example.


Looking for Response from your Audience

If you need response from your audience i.e. reply, clicks etc… Smart Insights found reply rates highest at these times.


Consider your audience first:

  • What does a typical day look like for them?
  • What time(s) do they have a break in their action?
  • Are they more likely to read emails before the sun comes up or as it’s going down?
  • Is there a time where they are the least distracted?


What is your Call-To-Action?

  • Educational blogs (only reading) ?
  • Requires action to click on link or opt-ins?


With options in hand, you need to A/B test those times to find the best day and time of the week to send email.

Remember to schedule the different time zone your subscribers are in too!


Written by Bart

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